Study Groups

 Do you like to meet new people who share your interests?
Do you like to discuss ideas about a topic you find important?
Do you have more fun learning with other people?
Do you learn more effectively in small group settings?

Join a Study Group!  

  Due to Covid-19, and for our safety, all our study groups will meet online via Zoom.


What Study Group Topics are Being Offered?

For Fall 2020, OLLI-UM is offering study groups in these areas of interests:

Arts and Architecture                                        Current Events, Law, Policy and Politics

History and Culture                                           Investing, Economics and Finance

Literature, Poetry and Drama                             Music, Theater and Film

Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality                  Science and Mathematics

Social Science                                                    Technology

Who Conducts the Study Groups?

Talented OLLI volunteers lead our study groups. Like our members, our instructors and facilitators have a rich diversity of backgrounds and professional experiences. 

 Our instructors and facilitators may or may not be subject matter experts.  They may or may not have an academic or education background.  All are talented facilitators, who find great satisfaction in leading their study groups with information, idea generation and thoughtful discussions. 

How are Study Groups Conducted?

Your instructor/facilitator will guide you through the study group and may use materials such as discussion topics/agendas, books, articles, films, DVDs, videos, virtual tours, or other pertinent content.  No tests, just learning and enjoying the subject and shared discussion! 

When Do Study Groups Meet?

Our Study Groups are scheduled Monday through Friday, mornings and afternoons. 

Where Do I Sign Up? 

Check out the OLLI Catalog or visit our website to join OLLI and peruse the Catalog tab for all the study group offerings available to you!

                                                                                                                                                            OLLI Study Groups

                                                                                                                                         Volunteers Are Needed and Most Welcome!

“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn”
Benjamin Franklin


OLLI UM Study Group Leaders – Past, Present, and Future

A huge THANK YOU to all the OLLI members who have led Study Groups. Without you, there would be no Study Group program.

Some of you have had careers in academia, and bravely transitioned to teaching older adults (a different experience). Some of you have facilitated outstanding courses without having had to be a subject matter expert.  And none of you have been paid for your important work!

The great news is that so many of you have gotten real satisfaction out of leading courses for OLLI. You continue to return year after year with new offerings. Some of you have even thanked OLLI for the opportunity to teach.

And so many of you are embracing the challenge of teaching on line, until such time as we can all gather together again face-to-face.

To all of you Study Group leaders, past present, and future, thank you.

Have a great idea to lead a Study Group?  Contact Ann Tomlanovich at

OLLI Study Groups   —  Volunteers Needed!

Join Our Study Group Committee

Like collaborating with fun and interesting people toward common goals?

The mission of the Study Group Committee is to develop high quality courses that our OLLI members will find appealing. 

We are guided by the interests of our OLLI members, hot topics of current and general interests, and unique talents of potential instructors and facilitators.

As a new member to the Study Group Committee, you are valued for your unique talents and skills.   We welcome new ideas for study groups, new ideas to attract instructors and facilitators, and new ideas for process improvement. 

You may wish to join one of our general topic sub-committees:  Humanities, Science, Social Science*, Afternoons With OLLI or Experiential (hands-on sessions ). 

We are proud to offer a great variety of study groups:  Arts and architecture, current events, law, policy and politics, science and mathematics, social science, history and culture, literature, poetry and drama, music, theater and film, religion, philosophy and spirituality, investing, economics and finance and technology. 

We’d love to hear about your ideas!  Join us! 

Contact Ann Tomlanovich at

OLLI Study Groups  —  Volunteers Needed!

Join Our Social Science Sub-Committee

Social Science is a slippery category, but basically social science deals with institutions and functioning of human society and with relationships among members of society.  It includes the disciplines of politics, economics, anthropology and psychology.

That’s our world and us!  And those disciplines encompass many of today’s pressing issues..

As a member of the Social Science Subcommittee,  you will be part of a group of creative, fun- loving folks who take advantage of the wide-ranging resources within the university and community to address these topics.  Its members are given wide latitude and support to find and initiate contact with potential speakers and to invite them to lead a study group about their research or areas of expertise. 

 Being on this committee provides a special opportunity to both follow your interests as well as expand your engagement with many knowledgeable people.

To join the Social Science Sub-Committee, contact Ann Tomlanovich at

 Thank You for Your Interest!