Shared Interest Groups

SIGs are a new offering from OLLI – the first ones started during the winter of 2019-2020.  A SIG is formed by a group of people with a shared interest who want to meet at regular intervals long term.  A SIG is committed to OLLI’s goals of both educational and social engagement. 

OLLI’s shared interest groups currently involve a shared physical activity, a shared craft, and several forms of a topic or book discussion group. In each case, its members engage in learning together and engaging in social interaction. See pages 32 and 33 of the Fall 2020 Catalog for more information on each of the currently available SIGs.

A SIG is suggested to OLLI staff through a proposal application.  The application is reviewed by staff, and the intended facilitator is interviewed.   After approval, the facilitator brings the group together with the understanding that the SIG will evolve into a long-term community of people who work together to plan the topics of each meeting and to participate regularly in them.  Unlike other OLLI programs, a SIG is designed to function long-term, not just for a semester or a year.  Once a person joins a SIG, he or she is assured of retaining a place in the SIG across registration sequences. 

SIGs are a new way for OLLI members who have specific interest in a topic or activity to find others who share that interest and want to pursue it with a group.   Proposals for SIGs are taken at any time.   Contact Rebecca Van Dyke at or Ben Richards at for further information.