Q& A Newcomers

A big welcome to all of our new members! You are joining OLLI at a very a active time as we all adjust to using this new technology to continue to bring our wide range of programs to all of our members. Normally we would have an opportunity to meet each of you and give you a personal introduction to the OLLI program. Since that is currently not possible,  please join us on Tuesday Sept. 1st at 10:45am in the Kickoff program. We will be available to answer any of your questions about OLLI programs, committees, processes, etc. We hope you have received a catalog at home or had the opportunity
to review it on our website. We've added Your Guide to OLLI, below, which is also found on Page 2 of our catalog to provide an introduction to our different programming. 

Looking forward to talking with you soon at the virtual Kickoff!

Lonni Vitale
Social Committee Volunteer