OLLI Digital

OLLI Digital is a relatively new committee for OLLI, dating back to only March of this year. It was created by the Special Projects committee in part to collaborate with the Center for Academic Innovation (AI) at the University of Michigan. AI itself was created to innovate in academic learning and teaching activities on a global scale, particularly through the use of information technology. AI was deeply involved in the creation of both Teach-Outs and Coursera that are on-line courses that are available free-of-charge. OLLI Digital, in contrast to AI, focuses only on innovating in senior learning and education.

 OLLI Digital is pursuing a dual path toward innovation in education for seniors. The first is to develop content (e.g., lecture series) that incorporate, in part, lecture videos that have been previously presented. One example of this is the recent three-lecture series on Vaccines including previously used videos from the Teach-Out of the same name. Upcoming in the Winter series will be a series on Medical Ethics that was spun-off the OLLI SIG on the Future of Healthcare. The second path is to document the various and emerging models for virtual teaching. One such model is this very multi-day Kickoff presentation the infrastructure of which will easily lend itself to a multi-day educational event.

 OLLI Digital is continuously seeking new members. Moreover, the committee also welcomes ideas for new presentations. Such new ideas can be transformed into upcoming lecture series through the efforts and energy of a time-limited sub-committee of OLLI Digital. This is analogous to the activities of the Special Projects committee that has spawned two such successful subcommittees, Climate Change and Elections. 

If you are interested in joining OLLI Digital, please contact chair Bruce Friedman at friedman@labinfotech.com.