Study Groups in February

The following Study Groups are starting in February:

2/3 - American Musical Theater with Edwin Marcus
2/4 - Great Decisions with Barbara Comai & Leo Shedden
2/5 - How Can We Find Peace in This Crazy World with Michael Murray
2/7 – How Volunteers Can Save Democracy with Constance Cook & Rena Basch
2/7 – The American Novel with Emelia Abbe-Robertson
2/17 – Mathematics for Those Who Hate Arithmetic with Frederick Beutler
2/21 – Some Perspectives on Shakespeare’s "Macbeth" with Marilyn Scott
2/24 – Everything You Want to Know About China with Yi Keep
2/24 – The Road to Indie Publishing with Carol Levin
2/26 – Home Sweet Home: Aging in Place with Shared Housing with Brittney Williams