Lead a Study Group

Most OLLI Study Groups are led by OLLI members. Proposals for Fall 2019 are being accepted now thru May 13th.


The OLLI Study Group Committee is Looking for You!

Did you know that most of our OLLI Study Group classes are led by our own members? Some have academic background in the topics they lead - others are simply interested in subjects and have acquired knowledge through their own reading and discovery. Many use books or videos in their classes, to easily access content. The OLLI office can offer guidance and the Study Group Committee will gladly help you plan your course.
Here are only a few examples of topics we would like to offer:

  • The Cyber Threat - What Is It and How Can We Protect Ourselves from It
  • Masters of Poetry - What Can They Teach Us?
  • The Joy of Gardening - How Do I Do It?
  • History of ________ (almost anything!)
  • The coming revolution in ________ (you pick it!)
  • Foreign Language Classes (any!)

Many of our Study Group leaders tell us how much they enjoyed the experience of facilitating class and meeting new people. You can too!
A link to a PDF version of our study group proposal form and the online form are provided below, as well as our prospective instructor/facilitator handbook. You can also drop off a form, mail one in, or email it to: ribenjam@umich.edu. Call 734-998-9357 with any Study Group related questions.

Please turn in proposals before May 13, 2019 for the Fall 2019 term.
Click here for: Prospective Instructor/Facilitator Handbook
Click here for: Study Group Proposal Online Form
Click here for: Study Group Proposal Form (pdf)