Bernie and Kathleen at a OLLI event

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What is OLLI at the U of M?

An organization to encourage learning during retirement, through study groups, lectures, and day trips to enhance understanding of the world's historic, cultural and social aspects.

Is OLLI the same thing as Osher?

Yes. OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

How do I join?

You can join on-line, by mail, or in person at the Turner Senior Resource Center in Ann Arbor. For more details, select the Join OLLI button on the main menu. Please note that the OLLI Office at the TSRC is closed to in person visits due to the COVAD-19 pandemic.

How do I contact a person to answer questions?

Please call the OLLI office Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. (734) 998-9351

How do I use Zoom to access OLLI's online programming?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that provides high definition, interactive collaboration tools for communication. All of OLLI's Fall 2020. Winter/Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 programs are being conducted online using Zoom.

You will receive a Zoom Meeting ID and link specific to your OLLI event by e-mail before the event begins. This information is also available in OLLI's online Course Catalog for events for which you have registered as well as for events that do not require registration. And, if you are signed in you can also see Zoom information on the payment History web page.

See Learning to Zoom for more information.

A video tutorial is also available to help you get started.

How do I view video recordings of the OLLI lectures?

See OLLI's online Video Catalog and online Video Help. Or read the note on Lecture Videos—Viewing videos online.

What if I am interested in teaching/leading a study group?

Visit the Volunteer Information web page or contact our Program Director by calling (734) 998-9357 or sending an email to

How do I get involved/volunteer?

  • Talk to one of the many volunteers at a lecture, or another OLLI event
  • Call the office and see how you can help: (734) 998-9351
  • Select the Volunteer Information button on the main menu

Can I come to a lecture if I haven't paid yet and am not an OLLI member?

If this is your first time attending an OLLI lecture, you can attend for free. After that, membership is required in order to attend a lecture. An annual membership fee is $25/year. Once you are a member, you can drop in to any lecture for $10.

What if the class I want is full?

We will add you to the waiting list for that class or event. If space for the event opens up, the OLLI Office will contact the individuals on the waiting list by e-mail or phone in first come first served order to see if they still wish to register.

What does my membership fee cover?

It entitles you to receive all of our publications for a year (September through August), be invited to our fall kick-off event, to register for any program/event we offer (usually for an additional fee) and to purchase access to video recordings of OLLI lectures. The annual membership fee is not prorated and is always $25 no matter if you pay toward the beginning of the program year in September or toward the end of the program year in July or August. When you register for an event in the coming program year, you'll be asked to pay the annual membership fee for the coming year even if you register before the beginning of September.

Can I drop an event once I've registered?

Yes, contact the OLLI Office to drop OLLI lectures, study groups and other events. If the event is dropped before the first meeting for single session events and before the second meeting for multiple session events, you will be given a credit for the event’s fee. Call the OLLI Office to use your credits as payment toward other OLLI events. If the event is dropped after the second meeting, no credit will be given, but it is still important to drop so that we’ll know who is attending and to possibly open up space for someone on a waiting list.

I have a credit from OLLI, how do I use it?

Contact the OLLI Office to find out what your credit balance is and to use your available credits as payment toward other OLLI events. Credits do not expire, but you need to explicitly ask to use them. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot use your credits online.

How can I learn if my OLLI event is cancelled due to severe weather?

One of the few advantages of holding events online using Zoom is that these events seldom have to be cancelled due to severe weather.

OLLI's in-person study groups, lectures, and all other in-person events are automatically cancelled whenever the Ann Arbor Public Schools cancel school due to severe weather. Check your local television or radio stations, the AAPS Web site, or call the AAPS at (734) 994-8684 or OLLI at (734) 998-9351 for recorded messages.

What happens when an OLLI event is cancelled?

If an OLLI event is cancelled, we make every effort to reschedule. If you are not able to attend or if we are not able to reschedule, you may request a refund or credit. If an OLLI Out of Town trip is cancelled, we will refund the cost of the trip. The OLLI annual membership fee is not refundable.

Can I pay for an OLLI event as a gift to a friend?

Yes, OLLI members may purchase gift certificates and give them to others to cover the fees for OLLI lectures, study groups, and other events. Contact the OLLI Office for details.

Does OLLI offer scholarships?

Yes, scholarships are available to OLLI members who need assistance paying for OLLI study groups or lectures. Please contact the OLLI Office to learn more.

For other questions, please contact the office at (734) 998-9351 or send an email to