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Michigan Medicine Resources

If you would like more information about Michigan Medicine resources during this challenging time, please reach out to OLLI Director Angela Bingham at 734-998-9356 or She will be happy to connect you.

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Membership Application Form

Want to become an OLLI member for the first time or update information associated with your OLLI account? Download our Membership Application form, fill it out, and send it with payment to: OLLI at U of M, 2401 Plymouth Rd., Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

Event Registration Form

Want to register for an OLLI lecture, study group, or other event? Download our registration form, fill it out, and send it with payment to: OLLI at U of M, 2401 Plymouth Rd., Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

Emergency Medical Form

Going on an OLLI trip? Please print out and complete the emergency medical form to keep with you on the trip.

Study Group Evaluation Form

If you did not fill out an evaluation form on the last day of your study group meeting, please download the form here for completion. Please mail it to our office: OLLI at U of M, 2401 Plymouth Rd., Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

Study Group Proposal Form

Do you have a talent, skill, or burning desire to share a favorite topic with like-minded individuals? You don’t need to be an expert to lead an OLLI study group – you need only have the interest in a topic and the self-confidence to offer leadership for a learning experience. Please complete and submit the online proposal form below.

 Fall 2022 Registration is now closed. Please check back in August for Winter/Spring 2023 Study Group forms.

  • Study Group Proposal Form (online form)
  • Study Group Proposal Form (pdf)
  • Study Group Proposal Form (doc)

Study Group Instructor/Facilitator Handbook

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)

Do you want to organize and facilitate a new SIG that will begin in the fall 2020?  If so, OLLI is ready to receive and evaluate proposals! 

A Shared Interest Group (SIG) at OLLI-UMICH brings together members who have a common interest that they wish to pursue indefinitely within a structure of meetings and activities designed primarily by the members of the group.  A SIG typically strives to develop a sense of community and friendship among its members even as it endeavors to enhance members’ skills, education and experiences.  A SIG is a participatory group in which all members are included in selecting topics to explore and researching information to bring back to the group.  

 Applications for a new SIG to begin in Winter 2022 must be received by the OLLI office by October 1, 2021 in order to be reviewed and approved in time to be included in the Winter/Spring catalog.  Applications and other relevant documents are available below.