Commons Calendar

OLLI has two online calendars:

  1. the Commons Calendar that shows the recurring OLLI Commons events, and
  2. the Program Calendar that shows most OLLI events (lectures, Study Groups, Shared Interest Groups, Afternoons with OLLI, OLLI Dialogs, OLLI Reads, Kickoffs, Open Houses, Fundraisers, Tutorials, ...).

To use a calendar:

  • Click on the Week, Month and Agenda tabs in the calendar's upper right corner to switch between views that show a week, a month or a scrolling list of events. The Agenda view is shown by default.
  • Use the controls in the upper left corner of the calendar to select the dates to display.
  • Click on individual event names in the calendar to view details (title, description, speaker or facilitator, location, date and time).

Click on the event names in the Commons Calendar below to see more detailed information: