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September 2nd, Matthew VanBesien, Keynote Speaker

Matthew Van Biesen, Keynote Speaker

The Future of Musical Arts Post-Pandemic
Wednesday, September 2, 10:00am-Noon
Zoom Link to join this programming: https://umich.zoom.us/j/94936647150
If only audio is required, please dial 1-312-626-6799 followed by 94936647150 and #
Free and open to the public (no registration necessary)

While COVID-19 has created many challenges for the performing and musical arts field, UMS is pursuing opportunities to extend its reach and impact in new directions.

Matthew VanBesien became president of UMS in July 2017, succeeding Ken Fischer. A former professional French horn player, Matthew spent eight years performing with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Deciding to pursue an administrative career, he then worked with the Houston Symphony, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and as executive director and president of the New York Philharmonic from 2012 to 2017. During his first three years at UMS, he has focused on further expanding UMS’s programming range with innovative theater projects and festivals. Matthew has also prioritized UMS Education and Community Engagement programs, with a significant acceleration in university-based, integrative arts learning and collaboration. Matthew serves on the Board of the International Society of Performing Arts and on the Executive Committee for Ann Arbor SPARK. He is married to Rosanne Jowitt, an accomplished geoscientist in the oil and gas business.

This program will be facilitaed by OLLI moderator Karen Bantel.

OLLI Art Show

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Peaceful Waters by Lind Babcock









OLLI Out of Town Slideshow

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Journey on the Underground Railroad