1619-Present - The Many Consequences of Slavery - There's still time to register! Starting this Thursday, October 22nd!

October 22, 2020 10:00-11:30am
This lecture is being sponsored by Linda Bennett and Bob Bagramian to celebrate the life of Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis.
The Cost of Historical Injustice, 1619 to Today
Speaker: David Goldberg, Ph.D.

“Normative” accounts of U.S. history represent a form of myth-making that downplays and/or ignores the pervasiveness of white supremacy and racial capitalism, and the enduring impact they continue to have in the form of structural racism. In the spirit of the 1619 Project, I refute the false notion of American exceptionalism and show how racial slavery and structural racism have been foundational to both the nation’s past and present. I argue that normative history in and of itself is a form of structural racism, in that it purposely distorts the past in order to prevent people from learning from our racial history and reckoning with its continued impact on Black lives today.

David Goldberg is Associate Professor of African American Studies at Wayne State University. He is currently working on two books related to the life and times of Detroit’s General Baker Jr.

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