If you would like to watch our 2018 Fall Kickoff lecture please visit the link below (the actual lecture starts at minute 38): 
2018 Fall Kickoff Video

Professor Deegan-Krause also shared his presentation slides and those are below (you do not need to sign in to access the slides but please be aware that they do take a few moments to load):
Deegan-Krause Presentation Slides

Click here to view the reading list that Professor Deegan-Krause has provided.


Upcoming OLLI Opportunity!
OLLI study group committee is offering a unique opportunity through WeListen, a University of Michigan program, about how to have difficult dialog about complex topics. Our aim is to bring liberals, conservatives, libertarians - everyone across the political spectrum - together for constructive conversation. The goal of WeListen discussions is not to debate or argue, but to understand the views and values of others and to learn from their perspectives. Please join us for a discussion about immigration on November 19th from 11:00 to 1:00 at Washtenaw Community College. Click here to see the flier. Click here to view the details. You will need to sign in to register.


New Show Your O Event

Refugee Symposium: Keeping our Door Open
A multi-dimensional approach to Refugee Resettlement.

Look for other OLLI members at this Show Your O event! Show Your O events bring awareness to OLLI members of happenings in our community of interest to OLLI members. Please join OLLI Director Lisa Barton and other OLLI members at this symposium.  This symposium includes leaders, scholars, politicians and professionals discuss crucial topics surrounding health and wellness, Impact & Integration, Policy and Advocacy, and Transformative Practices.  This event is presented by Jewish Family Services, U of M School of Social Work, and UM’s C.S. Mott Children’s hospital.

On Monday, keep your eye out for member Barbara Hooberman and on Tuesday morning Bruce Campell who will be greeting OLLI members in the lobby before the event begins, wearing their “OLLI O” buttons.  OLLI O buttons will be available that day to any OLLI members attending.

For information on how to register and for details about the event, click here.

OLLI's Journey to Freedom Day Trip happened on July 10th.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Michigan was established to encourage adults to continue their learning long after formal schooling is done. The Institute’s popular programs help mature adults to rediscover the piquancy of learning — the joy of discovery and feelings of accomplishment that are unencumbered by tests, grades, or drills.

This year’s programs feature:

  • Seven lecture series totaling 43 presentations, with average attendance over 275 people;
  • more than 150 study groups on a wide variety of topics;
  • casual, friend-producing programs on evenings and weekends — well-suited to people not yet retired;
  • day-long travel ventures to midwestern venues.

30 years of service to adult learners ages 50+

OLLI in Action

Watch our video to see how our programs impact our members' lives.


On November 2nd, OLLI will offer its first OLLI Reads! OLLI members will read a book at the same time and then come together for a presentation by the author followed by lunch and table discussions. Literati will be selling the book, Number One Chinese Restaurant, at a $5 discount for OLLI members. Just mention that you are an OLLI member and they will take $5 off! (more)